Amtrak and Bus Patrons

Pick up and drop off is prohibited in Uptown Circle. To pick up or drop off transit passengers, please enter the Uptown Station deck on W. Beaufort St. Short term pick up/drop off parking is available on the 2nd floor. If you are in the deck for less than 1 hour you do not need to visit the pay station, you may exit the deck free of charge using the ticket you received upon entry.

Bus patrons may take advantage of the $40 monthly rate at the Uptown Station parking deck only if parking within a 30-day period.  Please see the cashier during working hours, 7 am - 9:30 pm, located in Uptown Station next to the Amtrak window.     

Free Long Term Parking for Amtrak Patrons


*Available on roof of the College Avenue deck ONLY. (The deck attached to Uptown Station is a pay deck and costs $8 per night.)

  1. Park on the ROOF OF THE COLLEGE AVENUE DECK (not the ramp leading to the roof).
  2. Take ticket with you when you park and leave your car.
  3. Before departing on your trip, stop at the Parking Information Desk located inside Uptown Station and provide the attendant with the Make, Model, Color and License Plate Number of your car.
  4. Upon returning from your trip, stop at the Parking Information Desk located inside Uptown Station. Provide proof of your trip (train ticket/stub) and attendant will provide you with a parking voucher.
  5. Scan original parking ticket followed by parking voucher at the machine at the gate when exiting parking deck.
*Free long term parking is offered on the roof of the College Avenue deck only. Long term parking in other areas will result in being charged the standard fee of $8 per day.

Standard parking fees apply for bus patrons.