Street Resurfacing

Every spring, the Engineering Department completes the annual asphalt street pavement condition survey. From this survey, the annual Street Resurfacing Priority List is developed based on the observed condition of the streets. The list is used as a guide for the preparation of the annual street resurfacing contract. A brief explanation of the priority system is as follows:

  • Priority 1 - Street requires resurfacing as soon as possible
  • Priority 2 - Street requires resurfacing in the next one to two years
  • Priority 3 - Street should be surveyed every year, maintenance procedures may extend time until resurfacing required, resurfacing necessary in approximately two-four years
  • Priority 4 - Street in fair condition, survey condition again in two years
  • Priority 5 - Street in good condition, survey condition again in three years

27 MFT St Resurfacing - GM Resolution - Map x

The “Type” column of the list indicates which method of resurfacing will be done. “R” indicates the method by which the existing surface is heater scarified and rejuvenated and a thin (1”– 11/4”) bituminous wearing surface is added. “M/O” denotes a method by which an optimum thickness (11/2” – 2½”) of the existing surface is milled off and a new surface of approximately equal thickness is added. “O” represents a straight overlay method where the existing surface is leveled with thin layer of bituminous material and then a 11/2” – 2” bituminous overlay is laid.

For questions please contact:

Eric Herbst, P.E.


Street Resurfacing Priority List (PDF)

2021 Street Resurfacing Schedule (WEATHER PERMITTING)


Crack Cleaning
and Filling
Joint Sealant

Tack Coat          
Asphalt Paving
Binder Course
Asphalt Paving
Surface Course
N. Parkside Road (College Ave to Braden Dr)  

N Parkside Road (Braden Dr to Gregory St)      
Prospect Avenue (South of Highland Ave to Highland Ave)      
W Virginia Avenue (Franklin to Broadway)      
E. Virginia Avenue (Constitution Trail IL Central Branch to Linden)      
S Fell Avenue (Virginia Ave to Vernon Ave)            
Industrial Park Drive      
Aurora Way (Orlando Ave to Miles Ln)            
Warren Avenue (Aurora Way to School St)      
S Blair Drive (Vernon Ave to College Ave      
Hammitt Drive      

Keller Road            

Please note that the dates above may change and work may be delayed due to weather.

Parallel parking on the street will be prohibited and streets will be subject to lane closures during the milling, priming, and asphalt paving operations.  Temporary No Parking signs will be posted as needed in the afternoon or early evening of the day before each operation is scheduled.  Please watch for these signs as no other notice will be provided.  On days when surface course is placed, lanes will be closed, with access to driveways and parking lots unavailable, until the new asphalt has adequately cooled, usually 1-2 hours but potentially up to 4-5 hours.  We do not anticipate lanes being closed overnight.   If you need to ensure use of your vehicle the day(s) the surface course is placed on your street, you will need to park elsewhere before 7:00 a.m.