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What is your favorite public place in Normal?

Sure we all love our amazing parks, but is there a little nook or cranny in your neighborhood or by the trail that's special to you? It can be a painting on the side of a building that inspires you, a bench along the trail where you and your friends rest and catch up with each other, or a cul-de-sac that your kids can play in safely. We want to learn about your favorite public places, formal or informal.  This input gives us an understanding of the special places that must be protected and hopefully replicated. If your special place is already marked, give it a thumbs up!
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Public Places App Instructions

Please be sure the location settings are turned on for your smartphone's default browser.

  1. Click the "Enter as Guest" button.
  2. Choose to vote/comment on an existing place or submit a new place.
  3. If you agree with an existing place, vote it up. You may also leave a comment/picture about the place.
  4. When submitting a new place, fill out the (required) fields and choose the location. You may type the address, click the "My Current Location" button, or pick the spot on the map.

Click on the step-by-step images below to enlarge. Images will open in a new tab/window.

Step 1

Screenshot of Public Places App showing the login screen.

Step 2

Screenshot of Public Places App showing how to vote/comment on existing or new public places.

Step 3

Screenshot of Public Places App showing how to vote/comment and add pictures to a place.

Step 4

Screenshot of Public Places App showing how to submit a new place.