Make Your Move

On April, 4th 2018, Normal Police Department and McLean County State's Attorney's office launched the “Make Your Move”, a public awareness campaign that urges the public to get involved and interrupt behaviors that may lead to sexual violence.

“Make Your Move” is aimed at bar patrons, both men and women, and the main messages are simple but head-turning: look out for each other, get your friends home safely and never feel like you owe anyone anything.

Our goal is to encourage citizens to move beyond the ‘it’s not my problem’ mindset and develop the mentality ‘what if that was my family or friend?’, when they see another person who may need their help. Intervening can help reduce the risk of potentially harmful situations.
If you do not feel comfortable stepping in, or believe you may be putting yourself in harms way, never hesitate to call Normal Police Department and a police officer can intervene on your behalf.

The “Make Your Move” campaign originated in Montana as an effort from Missoula’s Intervention in Action Project, a group of community organizations dedicated to ending sexual violence.