Natural Areas

The Town of Normal has a number of parks and spaces with a variety of pollinator plants and natural areas. The Park Maintenance team has invested in preserving habitats and restoring these areas in an effort to reduce erosion, increase pollinator spaces, reduce invasive species, highlight natural beauty and to offer contact points with nature within Town limits.

These areas are opportunities to investigate species of wildlife, explore plants, navigate creeks and trails and get out in nature!

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Natural Areas around Town

Park Area
Anderson Park (Sugar Creek bank)
503 E. College Ave.
Blackstone Trails (pond)
2508 Fieldstone Ct.
Fairview Park (Sugar Creek bank)
801 N. Main St.
Fransen Natural Area
721 E. Raab Rd.
Hidden Creek Natural Area
100 W. Sycamore St.
Ironwood Golf Course (ponds) 1901 N. Towanda Ave.
Maxwell Park (Children & Elders Forest) 307 N. Parkside Rd.
Underwood Park (old horse stable) 200 Jersey Ave.
Vernon Sister Cities Gardens  Along Constitution Trail