Bird watching is one of the most popular pastimes in America, and several Normal parks are a draw for birders across the community and region. The best birding spots in Normal include the Hidden Creek Nature Sanctuary, Underwood Park, Maxwell Park, the Constitution Trail and the Birkey Pond at Heartland Community College. Among these locations, you can see more than 100 species throughout the year!

Birding isn’t just about watching birds ... it’s about connecting with nature and experiencing the rhythm of the seasons. Some birds are in Normal all year, while others migrate through or stop long enough to build a nest and raise a brood of chicks. 

An excellent way to connect with birding is to join the local JWP Audubon Society, where you can meet other birders and learn about birding events.  You can also use the eBird app from Cornell Lab to enter your bird data and participate in citizen science. On eBird you can also see which birds are back in town and which have moved on.

So grab your binocs and get out there!

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