Permitting and Plan Reviews

This Division shall provide the Town of Normal with rules and regulations to improve public safety by promoting the control of fire hazards; regulating the installation,use, and maintenance of equipment; regulating the use of structures, premises, and open areas;providing for the abatement of fire hazards; establishing the responsibilities and procedures for code enforcement; and setting forth the standards for compliance and achievement of these objectives

In case any provision of the foregoing Codes are inconsistent or are in conflict with any other Town Code, the provision that is more restrictive shall prevail. The determination as to which of said Codes is the more restrictive shall be made in the sole discretion of the Fire Chief of the Town of Normal, or his duly designated agent for said purpose.

Apply for construction, fire alarm, fire sprinkler, or other related permits

Adopted Codes

This Division has adopted and enforces the following codes: