Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Program

Program Details

The Town of Normal, Illinois is committed to preserving its affordable housing stock and providing opportunities for homeowners to make critical repairs or modify their home to meet their mobility needs. To support these commitments, the Town offers the Emergency Repair and Home Modification programs to perform rehabilitation activities at single-family, owner-occupied housing units.  These programs are funded through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. 

The Purpose

The goals of the Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation program are to: 

  1. Preserve the existing affordable housing stock.
  2. Create opportunities for low- to moderate-income homeowners to make emergency/critical repairs to their home under affordable terms.
  3. Free single-family properties of major maintenance work for a period of 5-10 years after rehabilitation work is completed.
  4. Make modifications to homes for the purpose of allowing elderly and/or disabled residents to successfully age-in-place.
  5. Create economic opportunities for local contractors.

Eligibility & HUD Income Guidelines

The  Emergency Repair and Home Modification programs are available to owner-occupants of single-family homes that meet HUD's annual income guidelines.  The property must be located within the corporate limits of the Town of Normal.  Additional homeowner and property eligibility criteria may apply.  Homeowners interested in the program can complete an Eligibility Screening Tool here.  

Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Programs

Emergency/Critical Repair – Makes emergency and critical repairs that, if not corrected immediately, would cause further damage to the home or create a personal safety threat to occupants.

Home Modification – Makes modifications to homes to improve mobility and support aging in place. This program includes modifications beyond the accessibility ramp program. 

Accessibility Ramp Assistance – Assists with construction of exterior accessibility ramps only. This program is a partnership with Cornbelt AMBUCS.   

Tree Removal Program - Assists with the removal of trees that, if not removed immediately, could cause damage to property or personal safety. 

Types of Assistance

The maximum available assistance varies by program and housing construction type.  Assistance is provided through either a grant, 5-year forgivable loan, or 10-year forgivable loan.  

Homeowner Application Process

The Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation program application can be downloaded using the link below,  in-person at the Town's Inspections Department, or by contacting the Community Development Specialist.  Applications are not considered complete until all requested backup documentation has been submitted.  A checklist for submitting a complete application can be found here.  

Complete applications can be submitted:


Town's Inspection Department

 1 Uptown Circle, 2nd Floor 

By Mail: 

Town of Normal

11 Uptown Circle

Normal, IL 61761 

Attn: Community Development Specialist

Contractor Opportunities

Contractors interested in performing work under these programs must be registered with the Town of Normal Inspections Department and submit a complete CDBG Housing Rehab Contractor application packet to the Community Development Specialist.     

Download the CDBG Housing Rehab Contractor application here.

Download the CDBG Housing Rehab Contractor Guidelines here. 

Down the CDBG Housing Rehab Contractor Benefits Flyer here.

Click here to register with SAM.gov.

Click here to view housing rehabilitation projects currently open for bidding.


For more information on this program or to receive assistance with the application process, please contact: 

Community Development Specialist

Email the Community Development Specialist or call 309-454-9766