Discrimination Complaint Process

Unlawful Discrimination

Under Chapter 24 of the Municipal Code, the Town of Normal has made it unlawful within the corporate limits of the Town to discriminate against any person in employment, public accommodations, or financing on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, national origin, age, disability*, or matriculation. Further, it is unlawful within the corporate limits of the Town to discriminate in housing decisions based on any of the foregoing categories or based on familial status.

*Alleged ADA deficiencies in Town facilities, activities, programs, and/or services may also be addressed through an ADA grievance. Information regarding the Town’s ADA grievance procedures can be found on the  ADA Grievance Procedure webpage.

Discrimination Complaint Packets

Persons who believe they may have been unlawfully discriminated against in employment, financing, public accommodation or housing, may file a formal complaint of discrimination against the person or organization if that person or organization resides within the corporate limits of the Town of Normal. Discrimination complaint packets may be obtained from the Town of Normal Administration Department:

Before Filing

The Town strongly advises persons to carefully read and consider all information provided in the complaint packets. Filing a formal discrimination complaint is a serious matter and it is critical everyone understands the process and possible outcomes.

After Filing

Discrimination complaint forms must be signed in front of a notary public and notarized accordingly before being returned to the Administration Department. The Town will review all complaints then notify the respondent of a valid complaint. The respondent will receive a copy of the complaint and the Town's Human Relations Codes.

The Town will next schedule a conciliation meeting with both parties. This meeting will attempt to bring the parties together to discuss the discrimination complaint and facilitate a settlement agreement between the parties. Both parties to a complaint are encouraged to consider legal counsel during the entire complaint process.

Public Hearing

If conciliation fails to reach a settlement agreement and both parties have acted in good faith, the complaint may proceed to a Public Hearing. The commission may choose to hear the complaint directly or may appoint a hearing officer. A hearing officer will conduct an open hearing on the complaint and then make findings of fact and a recommendation in a report to the commission. The commission will act upon information provided in the public hearing and enter a judgment within the parameters set forth in Chapter 24 of the Town’s Municipal Code .

Policy of Non-Discrimination

Notifying the Public of Rights Under Title VI


  • The Town of Normal operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Any person who believes she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with the Town of Normal.
  •  For more information on the Town of Normal’s civil rights program, and the procedures to file a complaint, contact (309) 454-9504Email the Human Relations Commission or visit our administrative office at 11 Uptown Circle, Normal, Illinois 61761.
  •  A complainant may file a complaint directly with the Federal Transit Administration by filing a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights, Attention: Title VI Program, Coordinator, East Building, 5th Floor-TCR, 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE, Washington, DC 20590.
  •  If information is needed in another language, contact the Town of Normal at (309) 454-9504 or  Email the Human Relations Commission.