Living Tribute Program

Say it with a Tree...

Honor a loved one or significant event in your life with a tree or park bench. Your contribution adds to the beauty already present in Normal Parks. 

For $300, give the gift of a tree which benefits everyone who enjoys our parks. Choose from a variety of nine different trees: Red Oak, Kentucky Coffeetree, Sugar Maple, American Hophornbeam, Saucer Magnolia, American Hornbeam, Flowering Crabapple, Serviceberry and Eastern Redbud.  Normal Parks and Recreation Department will plant and care for the tree.

Park Bench Recognition Memorials

An attractive 6' Park Bench, complete with a plaque inscribed with your message or loved one's name, is available for a gift of $1,000. Your gift makes a lasting memory and provides park visitors a place to sit and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Learn more about the program via the Living Tribute Program Flyer (PDF). For more information, Email Assistant Director Gene Kotlinski or call (309) 454-9724.

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