Why is there a Bloomington/Normal Use Tax?
Effective September 1, 1990, the State of Illinois changed the law as it applied to local sales taxes. From that point forward, the State began collecting the 0.75% sales tax on all purchases, with the exception of the sales tax applied to all titled transactions. This tax, according to state law, was to be collected locally and would apply only to the residents of cities that had previously applied the local sales tax.

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1. Why is there a Bloomington/Normal Use Tax?
2. Is the Use Tax new?
3. How is the tax paid?
4. Do out-of-town dealers know about the tax?
5. What is the Bloomington/Normal Use Tax Division?
6. Who gets the revenue generated by the tax?
7. What is the money used for?
8. What is the State of Illinois ST-556 form?
9. Where do I send the form, copy of the ST-556 form (or sales invoice), and the amount due?
10. How can I get more information on Bloomington/Normal Use Tax?