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Special Event / Bon Fire Permit

  1. Permit Requirements

    This permit is issued with the understanding that the fire must be under competent adult supervision while burning and fully extinguished when the activity is complete.

    It shall be unlawful for any person to ignite, burn, cause to be ignited or burned or permit to be ignited or burned any building, structure, materials, refuse, leaves, lawn trimmings, or garden wastes.

    If the property is not owned by the requestor of the permit, written authorization from the owner of the property for the fire must be obtained and provided before the permit will be issued.

    The Fire Chief, or his designee, may deny a Special Event Permit request if required information is missing or false, a prior event sponsored by the individual or organization sponsoring the event violated Town ordinances, caused a disturbance; or created a fire hazard or, the proposed location, time or type of fire presents substantial risk to the public health and welfare if the permit were issued or, a permit has been granted in the past year for any location within 1500 feet of the proposed location and the Fire Department finds that the issuance of a fire permit would unduly disrupt the quiet area of the proposed fire or, weather or environmental conditions, such as high winds or droughts, exist or are predicted to exist, which would cause a danger to property or persons if the special event fire were to occur.

    The Fire Chief, or his designee, may revoke a previously issued permit if weather conditions create a hazardous condition or if the Fire Chief learns of additional information which would cause him to have not issued the permit in the initial instance. The Fire Chief, or his designee, shall immediately notify the holder of a permit of the revocation of the permit. It shall be unlawful to engage in any activity for which a permit had been issued after that permit has been revoked.

  2. Provide a brief description of the event taking place.
  3. Provide the date and time of the event. All fires must be extinguished by 11:00 PM.
  4. Provide a phone number of a person in charge at the proposed outdoor fire
  5. NOTE! Failure to adhere to regulating ordinances may lead to penalty fines being imposed, ($100 minimum) as set forth in section 6.4-15. Failure to abide by ordinances may result in refusal to issue permits in the future.
  6. I have read this form and understand the implications associated with the privileges assigned to this permit.
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